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Teacher: Mrs. V. Favel, Ms. Semaganis

For the Christmas concert, the Gr. 6/7 class sang We Are The World. They were fantastic!

November 1 - by Tamara
In the grade 6/7 class, I have been learning that the kids are trying to behave in class. They have been trying hard to work, get their work done, and listening. There have been times when some boys say mean things but the girls have been bullies and gossiping about other people. We have been told a lot of times to stop bullying. Sometimes they stop but it comes back again. Hopefully we learn to stop someday. Some of the boys have been volunteering to help teachers, like helping at the haunted house and helping by taking things in from a teacher's car. We will make each other laugh, and we'll do our best to be nice to each other. We will do anything to support our class.