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Teacher: Ms. A. Tootoosis


Kindergarten grad will be Fri., June 20th!

The Kindergarten's went on 2 field trips! The first was to Ms. Tootoosis' home. The students first got to pet the miniature horse, named Mojo. Then, the students visited with a 4 day old goat and her mama. They had a great time feeding them both, petting them, and watching them in their pen. Everyone had a chance to ride Mojo! It was a lot of fun!

Their second trip was to Cut Knife. The students first visited the RCMP station. They had a tour of the building, got their pictures taken with an RCMP hat, pictures sitting in an RCMP truck, and they got to take home a goodie bag! Then the students visited the grocery store. They had a tour of the store, the meat and bakery areas, and the big walk in freezer. Everyone got to pick a fruit and put it in a bag. Ms. Tootoosis bought all of the fruit, and then the students had time to eat their snack at Cut Knife. The students had their picture taken in front of the giant tomahawk, and then it was time to go back to school.

Students participated in a school-wide clean up Thursday, May 15th.

For the Christmas concert this year, the Nursery and Kindergarten students performed Jingle Bells altogether!